The SALEM ORNITHOLOGICAL FOUNDATION (சேலம் பறவையியல் கழகம்) is a nonprofit organization committed to bird research and conservation in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. The Foundation is actively involved in spreading the joy of bird watching and the importance of bird conservation to students and public alike through various outreach and education programs.

Salem Logo Final-02-02
Logo of the Salem Ornithological Foundation

The Foundation was formerly known as United Salem for Bird Life.  SOF recommends and encourages birders to use eBird (India) to keep track of bird sightings and for monitoring. To check out the eBird profile of Salem Ornithological Foundation, please click here.

DARTER is the quarterly e-magazine brought out by the Foundation. It will feature all the important sightings, notable observations and all the birding activities in Salem. It was published as சிறகு in Tamil. We also publish articles and other works by birders and nature enthusiasts submitted to us.

As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, do get in touch with us through eMail: birdforchange@gmail.com or Contact/WhatsApp: +91-9489503116 and become a part of our birding family!

Salem Ornithological Foundation also works in partnership with Tamil Nadu Science ForumBird Count India and Tamil Birders Network.